Remy Ren Winston
Character Design


Remy Ren Winston was created out of my love for Pandas and Red Pandas. Remy Ren Winston or RRW for short, is a red panda who dresses like a giant panda to try and fit in with the giant pandas at his school. He is the main character in my children's book "It's not all Black & White", a book that teaches us it's ok to be different.

Pen & Pencil | Photoshop | Illustrator


When creating a character for motion or story, you need to be have multiple angles & expressions of the character, while still having the character look like the character at each angle.

Student Work

Remy Ren Winston
Remy Ren Winston


View some of my process in creating this animation. Including: sketches, and illustrator assets.

Remy Ren Winston Sketch
children's storybook

Cover Page of "It's not all Black & White"

It's not all black and white cover